Getting back to my canning roots- Roht Kohl style

I have some red cabbage that has over wintered in my garden from the fall;

At this point too bitter to eat but I did not want to waste it– I seem to have recalled a red cabbage pickled dish my Oma (grandmother in German) would make.

I had to call my mom to ask her what this was called- “ROHT KOHL ” my mother answered with glee- apparently this is one of her favs

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Here is the recipe I came up with – filled 4 32 oz mason jars
1 large head of red cabbage
1/8 cup Kosher Salt
2 cups brown sugar
8 cups of white vinegar
2 heads of fresh bronze fennel (also from my garden)
1 tablespoon of dried fennel seed
1 tablespoon of mustard seed
1 tablespoon of coriander
2-3 pinches of spicy sea salt (optional)

First I cut the red cabbage into shredded pieces, placed it in a glass bowl and let it soak in water for 24 hours- I placed a heavy plate on the top of it to prevent anything getting in- I love purple color the water turned- I wish I could make it my hair color♥

Then I boiled in a saucepan the vinegar and brown sugar till it became syrupy.

I then added the spices to the boiling mixture.

I sliced the fennel and mixed in with the cut up cabbage- placed them in the jars using the wooden pickle packer from

One note before you fill the mason jars be sure to sterilize them!

I poured the hot mixture into each jar then place the glass pickle pebble on top making sure that the contents stayed completely immersed.

I then carefully placed the silicone pickle pipe on each jar along with the metal screw ring.

The jars are sitting in dark cupboard waiting for their debut of delicious “Roht Kohl” later this month….stay tuned

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A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat- Yiddish Proverb


In my travels recently I was at local farm. The farmer was giving away sprouted garlic bulbs- my kids grabbed them and started using them as “magic wands”. That gave me the great idea- I grabbed a bunch and use them for nature play with my preschoolers.

But what next for these garlic bulbs-                              plant em’

Though the bulbs probably should have been planted in the fall, it is almost summer here, but I planted them anyway. Thought it would be good deterrent to keep the pests out of my vegetable garden- we all know vampires not like garlic- so maybe deers and bunnies don’t either? I separated the cloves and planted them an inch apart on the edges of my raised beds–  also threw a couple in my rose beds- was reading that garlic also keeps aphids from roses-