My Busman’s Holiday-

the term busman holiday refers to “doing the same thing on your day off as you do all the week at work”
In recent years I have seemed to neglect my own garden; too busy working on others. This past Spring as the cold weather still lingered on through April, I was itching to get out there to clean up my raised vegetable beds and start cool crops. Now with a mobile 2nd Little One at home the task of getting out in the garden is even more challenging. This past spring was a testament to our time in the garden as we spent an hour and a half in the dirt–what a delight he had discovering the nature around us, digging in the soil , putting earth in his mouth, finding sticks and pulling up grass. And how pleased I am to have a ‘nature baby’. Marsha



The phrase Busman’s Holiday originated in the 19th century when the  horse driven omnibus drivers in London were so concerned about their  horses well being that on their days off from work they would ride as passengers on their own bus, to make sure that the other driver treats his horses well. This practice became so widespread that the term busman holiday referred to “doing the same thing on your day off as you do all the week at work” or “a vacation during which a person engages in activity that is the same or similar to his or her usual employment”.



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